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Anthony Enslow

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"My roommate and I had the pleasure of working with Anthony Enslow during our search for a new apartment in the Boston area. Anthony was very receptive to our needs, flexible, and patient with us throughout the entire process. He was dedicated to helping us and ended up finding us the perfect place in a great location that had everything we were looking for within our budget. We would highly recommend Anthony for being a great realtor!"

  -Kassandra M., Client

"I was matched with Anthony Enslow and had a good, substantive back-and-forth about potential apartments a few weeks before arriving. He was open to a wide bandwidth of options, not just those listed on one site. Despite coming at the driest time of the apartment season and being a little picky (I lived in the area before and had some specific parameters), Anthony was totally thorough, professional, flexible, and personable. I found an amazing place in the North End and love it! In addition to his familiarity with the urban core of Boston, he is also knowledgeable with the suburbs and the outlying area. Definitely consider Anthony in your apartment/house search! "

  -Ben D., Client

"I moved to Boston from Colorado right before the New Years for a new job and I had heard how crazy it is to get a place in Boston but because of Tony Enslow that was far from my experience. I had planned to set up everything online and Tony kept in constant communication and updated me on great places in different areas and gave me great advice on the lay of the land. I decided at the last second to wait until I saw the places in person and Tony set up everything perfectly with an in depth knowledge of the what is being offered by the different buildings. I moved to Boston with out a car so I asked Tony if we could take the subway to the different locations to get a feel for where I would be living and he was more than happy to show me around while I was completely city-struck coming form the suburbs. "

  -Chris C., Client

"I worked with Tony to find an apartment at the very last minute for September 1st. He was extremely acomodating to our schedules and responsive. He gave great advice, was thorough, and was a pleasure to work with. He showed us some neighborhoods where we weren't initially looking and we ended up moving somewhere completely new to us, but perfect for what we wanted. He was not afraid to outline to pros and cons of each building and location and I could tell he was always looking out for our best interests. I would highly reccommend him."

  -Kelly P., Client

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