More About Me

Anthony Enslow is a proven Realtor who offers a sincere, hands-on approach in all real estate transactions. Regardless of who he is working with, he quickly adopts a keen understanding of their needs and establishes a rapport that goes beyond just a courteous transaction. Additionally, he offers a refreshing sense of patience and agility through transactions not commonly found in such a competitive market. When urgency is needed, he is dependable.

For the last 19 years he has resided in the Boston area, predominantly in the Back Bay, and knows intimately the amenities, character, and culture of the many distinct neighborhoods around the city. This enables him to fluidly provide practical and detailed information for anyone, as well as match appropriate areas for those moving to Boston for the first time. Whether or not someone knows what they need, Anthony is able to offer clear and concise options, taking a very hands on approach, explaining things clearly.

Those who have worked with Anthony routinely come back to him, and they have trusted their friends and loved ones to his expertise. Whenever reviews are written about him, they are stellar. His clientele includes dignitaries, world-class scientists, major league players, celebrities, and professionals from every major industry including medical, bio-technical, military, manufacturing, and technological. He can relate to everyone with ease, and offers only the best in service, always.

When he is not working to get the most for his clients, Anthony can be found around the city with his wife and three children, at play, dining, savoring cultural happenings.